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As we know, dog bites are easily preventable so-called “accidental injuries”. In the public health space, efforts to spread information regarding the severe potential effects of dog bites as well as easily mitigated these risks are limited at best. For whatever reason this is so, the gap between need and intervention is sufficiently large that a coordinated effort could have a profound effect in our communities.  The primary injury associated with the bite is clear but the secondary effects associated with the animal, possible infection risk, and burden on the U.S. healthcare system is less often considered. The diverse range of effects provides a framework for multiple downstream effects to occur if the public health field is better able to communicate and develop preventative strategies for these unintentional injuries. 

Here, we #MuzzleTheBite.


Front Cover, Back Cover, and Internal Flap

Internal Spread

Trifold for families

This trifold is intended for distribution to the general public to inform them of easy prevention strategies for dog bites, as well as what La County Public Health and The U.S. Government is doing to help them.